Art / The Obstruction of the Image
Art / The Obstruction of the Image

A collaboration with visual Artist Annika Kappner.

Two culinary interventions were done inspired by the conceptual work from Annika Kappner. At the end of the show, they were both eaten.

Pallares with chocolate patterns.

In the Ancient Perú, Pallares were considered sacred. They were seen as the connectors between the spiritual world and the terrestrial. Through the reading of their patterns, one could narrate and forsee ones Omen.

Playing with viscosities and temperatures of white chocolate, as well as different heights to allow the expression of gravity, every dark chocolate covered Pallar obtained a unique pattern, with a unique Omen. 

Pallares were cooked with sugar and vanilla. Their taste suggested a marzipan texture in our memories.

Chocolate Ridge

A ridge. The origin.

Earth. It shapes everything that surround us. Earth gives the minerals life needs to grow. Earth evolves.

Water. Vital and strong. It shapes us. It feeds us.

The sun. Source of energy and life.

The installation shows a honey ganache covered by bitter chocolate. By the use of sponges and brushes patterns were created to represent the force of the origin, the strength of water, the earths glow and the sun’s energy.

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