Creative / Zero Waste Tasting Menu
Creative / Zero Waste Tasting Menu

My latest Tasting Experience in Berlin. It is a fully circular, seasonal and zero waste tasting Menu. My soul speaks through this food: it is honest, fresh, full of energy and delicious!

I have always been a cook that likes to think that everything has the potential to be used into something else. I absolutely love to cook with all which our Planet is offering, keeping things local and seasonal and valuing everything from the ingredient. Culture plays a definite role in my cuisine as well and allows the use of non-local-non-seasonal, but local embracement is a must, and the zero-waste thought unquestionable.

As a Chef and a Human, I am deeply connected to Produce, and always think to transfer this energy to my food and to the people who eat it.

This Menu shares the beggining of Summer. Guests are greeted with an apperitif coming from our steamed strawberries,  to enjoy with a live music performance. The first bite welcomes the connection of our Guests to the Earth with a foraged herb-bouquet and kohlrabi wrap. The experience continues into the world of seasonal, circular and no-waste cooking. Check-in with me if you like to join or want a tailored experience as well!!

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