Creative / RAW Cuisine
Creative / RAW Cuisine

As part of my culinary career and my interest in vegetarian food, in 2017 I took several professional courses to learn more about RAW Cuisine.

I do not follow a strict RAW diet. My husband is vegetarian. My baby daughter eats everything. I am a Chef, who is always looking for respect in the food and produce, producer, and sustainability. At our home, we have a big awareness on this and we buy local and organic.

RAW cuisine was something I had to endeavour myself into, to further understand the future of plant based food and of our own generation.

I have found many of my plates to be not only creative, and beautiful looking, but delicious, and ready to be placed in any type of restaurant (really) for anyone to eat. I have also endeavored myself into RAW cheese world (nut cheeses) and their long maturation process, as well as my own ice cream line, in which I offer RAW ice creams and you can find more about here.

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