Artisan / Bread
Artisan / Bread

Bread is its own being. Give it what it needs and it will always turn out beautiful.

I started to learn about bread in 2010. It was a challenge. Every day a different loaf came out of the oven. Sometimes it grew, sometimes it was too white, sometimes too thin! I kept baking and baking and baking. And studying and learning so much about it. I never gave up. There was so much love put into it that no matter what went wrong it would always taste amazing. And this was the revelation that kept me going.

I am so thankful to bread. It has given me so much inspiration. 

Good sourdough bread needs time. Bread asks for patience. It allows me to be in solitude. I have given bread workshops for 4 years now, and have had my own baking project back in PerĂº, and am planning on having now my own project in Berlin soon!!

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