Creative / Barra 55
Creative / Barra 55

A Pop-Up project initiated together with Matías Cilloniz, fellow chef and dear friend.

Before starting at Barra55, I was in a search road, in the pursuit of something, couldn’t quite well know what, but I knew it had to do with finding my own truth, my own truth expressed in my food. I remember, for weeks trying to find a concept and nothing ever convinced me. Nothing gave me a direct contact with what I was looking for. Until one day I stopped planning ahead. I just decided to improvise. 

“I will just go to the farm, see what’s there. Take it out with my own hands and improvise the plates.” It suddenly felt so real. I remember dropping the news to Matías. “I’ll call you back - he said” and he did, 5 minutes later and said “I’m in”.

So that’s what our pop-up was about. And when all the fun started. Barra 55 was about not knowing what to cook until two days before. Every week we went to harvest ourselves at local organic farms and see what the earth was providing, and according to that, we made and created new weekly Menus. 

It was funky, fun and always sold-out!

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