Creative / A pallete for the palate
Creative / A pallete for the palate

Over the years I have been designing various plates based on different concepts. Here is an evolving selection of them.

Many of the plates you can see above come from an extensive research on the culture and tradition of my country Perú, from when I worked at IK Restaurante as a head Chef. During my work at IK, I thought to see the ingredients not only as natural produce, but as a cultural heritage. I tried to reclaim its origin, and bring it back to its region. I believe we must respect the natural environment of the produce, their region and roots, allowing to narrate their cultural history.

It is not about the dish, it is about what it represents.

Memory is another fascinating element to me,  how can certain flavors and compositions evoke emotional reactions only by how they relate to a specific time in our lives. For example, designing plates that narrate our grandmothers generation, can not only take us back in time but it can also be seen as a very powerful tool, protraying how things were back in the days.

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