Creative / El Pan de la Chola
Creative / El Pan de la Chola

A Tartine pop-up together with Matías Cilloniz and El Pan de La Chola

We created a Tartine Menu inspired on the concept of the Bakery El Pan de la Chola. Jonathan Day, the Chef and owner, is a long time friend and it was a lot of fun to team up with his team at the bakery for a couple of weeks.

Loove to do pop-ups. I’m up for it. So just send the email!

Some of our flavors included a delicious avocado tartine with a poached egg, a juicy tartine with caramelized onions, juicy onion soup and bone marrow. Vegan root vegetable tartine, a fava bean tartine with goat cheese and fermented tea. The bakery also did their own, and we complemented it with side orders, same as they did to ours!

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