Art / Come Conciencia
Art / Come Conciencia

“Restore your soul by valuing your time, establishing trust, recovering the forgotten, respecting the product, feeling at home, and sharing experiences."

Come Conciencia is a unique collaboration between the culinary, visual, and musical arts. Based on 6 values that have been gradually disappearing in modern day cuisine, Come Conciencia seeks to bring new awareness to these foundational concepts. 

The whole menu tells a story based on values and emotions, the plates were designed specially to trigger these sensations in coordination with the music and art.

A multi-sensorial tasting menu, a book, an art show.

A year after the project, Come Conciencia was released as a 12" vinyl with a book containing photographs of the dishes, recipes, and original menu artwork in 2013. As part of its book release, the story was shown as an exhibit format at Brian Morris Gallery in New York, with new art, live piano for every section,  and food catered throughout the show. Collaborators were Art Director Clovis Wieske, visual artist Annika Kappner, musician Eric Maltz and myself.

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